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Freedoms Technology

Superior Construction


“Our highly skilled artisans manufacture Freedom pools using only the very best, purposely designed materials. Tried and tested materials like the vinyl ester resin we incorporate into the design of every pool to protect it from chemicals and keep it looking like new years after installation, and specially matched resins to give your pool a stunning laminated finish”


Freedoms Structural Laminates

Freedom manufacture swimming pools with 100% pure marine grade resin.  Unlike laminating with ceramic fillers, our pure resin lamination ensures that the strength properties and quality standards are superior to withstand NZ's tough conditions.  Manufacturing a pool with Freedom's pure resin laminating system is important, especially when the pool is installed in areas of New Zealand where clay soil is found (e.g. Auckland). 

Research by geo-tech engineers show that clay soils expand and contract significantly depending on the ground water level.  Manufacturing a pool with our pure resin laminating system creates a pool with superior strength and flexibility (technically known as 'Flexural Strength') to cope with expanding and contracting soil environments preventing chaotic cracking or laminate rupture.



Freedoms Structural Design

Freedom uses the strongest method of construction available in the industry. Our close beam construction has been designed to create great support and strength for the top edge, allowing the installation of coping pavers without further engineering or bond beam. 


Also with our fibreglass wall support beams and large radius cove it results in superior structural properties that are, quite simply, second to none.




Freedoms Coatings

A special coating of epoxy based vinyl ester resin protects the interior of your pool against osmosis whilst a formulated black waxed resin flow coat seals the exterior.  It is this total commitment to quality that has made Freedom Pools the leading pool manufacturer.



Benefits Choosing a Freedom Pool

·         A pool with superior strength and longevity

·         A pool with superior flexural strength ideal for expanding soils

·         A pool with superior thermal qualities

·         A pool with superior non-porous interior resulting in less sanitation costs

·         A pool that is designed to last a lifetime