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Q. I’ve just bought my pool. What happens now?

A. First of all, establish where you want to position the pool in your garden, and we’ll arrange a time with for the excavation to start.We’ll then deliver your pool. You will be asked to make the final payment to the installer before the pool is installed.We install the pool, check it for level and back-fill it. Then the fencing contractor (ours or yours) installs pool safety fencing, electrical connections are made by licensed electrician (again, ours or yours), and then we fill the pool with water. Our hand-over crew comes to check that all is well, and they instruct you on how to properly take care of your new pool and how the various pieces of equipment operate. You sign the handover form to indicate that you are satisfied with the installation. This is also the time to make note of any discrepancies that may rarely occur.