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Customer: The Stong Family
Location: North Shore
Pool Type: Koolabah

Safe, fun family pool for the kids


Why Freedom Pools?

Steph Strong says installing a pool was opportunity to make their property into the home they had always wanted. While she and her husband Chris did a lot of research, Steph says there were two factors in favour of Freedom Pools – the pool design and excellent customer service. 

“I wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing to look at; I just didn’t want a rectangle or kidney-shaped pool. Russell and Glenn were fantastic, they really knew what they were talking about and everything was explained very well.

“We had a couple of choices about where we could put the pool, and its final placement has been perfect. From the house I can work in the kitchen and see the pool.”

Pool design perfect for kids

“With a 12, 11, and a four-year-old, the pool had to be something that would suit all their needs,” says Steph.  “Our four-year-old hadn’t done swimming lessons, so we needed graduated steps into the pool where he could play until he was ready, but enough space that the other two could do laps up and down the pool.”

She says the design with graduated steps has been perfect for the kids. 

“The design of the pool really suited what we wanted. We didn’t want something that they would grow out of in the first year. They’re hugely more comfortable in the water now. The youngest has water wings, but he’s jumped in a few times without the wings and swum straight to the side.  The elder ones are doing better at swimming groups at school, so it obviously has made a huge difference.”

Salt pool a must

Having a salt pool was also a must for the Strong family as it was preferred by the children; something Freedom Pools could easily accommodate with their fibreglass construction. 

Fast and no fuss

Steph says they were impressed by the speed at which the project progressed once the decision was made to go with Freedom Pools.

“We got our consent through, and everything happened at such a rate, and it was in well before we expected it to be in, which was fantastic. They obviously knew what they were doing, and were able to deal with the council.”

“Afterwards I was able to email or text Russell and he would pop round or give me the feedback that I needed, he’s been a great help.”



Customer: Craig Mc Leish
Location: Arkles Bay
Pool Type: Lagoona

Tricky space  – perfect fit with Freedom Pools


Why Freedom Pools?

Craig McLeish says he spent almost a year looking for the right pool and the right pool company. Because of the shape of their backyard, wide at one end and narrow at the other, the pool needed to be the right fit.

“There was only a certain size pool that could go in width ways, because of the council’s requirements,” says Craig.

“The reason that we lent towards Freedom Pools, because it was a tricky site, when Glenn came around straight away he stood out. We’d had other people who had looked at the property and they were salesmen. They told us they could do anything we wanted to do. What they didn’t tell us is that to do it that way would cost us a fortune if they couldn’t do it the way they thought.

“Glenn, on the other hand, who used to install pools himself, had a huge knowledge of digging the pool hole, how it would work and what would happen. And he also had a great knowledge of the local council requirements.”

Freedom Pool’s expertise

“Glenn gave us more detailed information about what was required, and what they would have to do for us. He understood the processes of the council application, and that certainly reassured us,” says Craig.

“Freedom Pools knew exactly what the council would look for and what they needed. Once the process started, with the budgeting ideas they had given us we had a sure idea of what it would cost –  vital thing as once you’ve started digging the hole in the ground you’re committed.”

“One call to do it all”

Craig says that another advantage in Freedom Pools’ favour was that they were able to completely handle the installation, without Craig needing to call in other contractors. 

“Some of the other companies wanted us to organise this. We said to Glenn, ‘We’ll build the deck around it and we’ll put up the fence, but we want you to do everything else. We don’t want to ring the digger or organise the water, it’s all in your hands.
“That’s what we wanted, and they did manage it all.

“They were great people to deal with, the two guys that put the pool in were obliging, and we felt confident with them around, they were easy to talk to and deal with, and very professional.

Backyard transformed

We are very happy with the finished product says Craig. “The pump system is easy to maintain, it’s very modern. The pool itself is salt water, so it’s less work. They finished it well, and the guy who did the coping stones around the top did a fantastic job.
“Our backyard was virtually worthless to us, it was on an incline and it got soaking wet. It wasn’t a space that we could use all the time, whereas now the pool’s there, it’s a heated pool so we can use it all year round. Since it’s gone in it’s had a heck of a lot of use.

“The after service is also fantastic – we take our water down to get tested at their local shop, they can’t do enough for us. It’s everything we wanted.”


Customer: Dan and Kim Scott
Location: Sandspit
Pool Type: President Model

7am start…
2.30pm filling the pool ready for a swim


Impressed by the speed

Kim Scott says that Freedom Pools was recommended to them and once in touch with them they were impressed with the speed of the getting the job done.  

“Glenn was really easy to talk to and he definitely knows what he’s talking about, which made it nice and easy,” says Kim. “He discussed the options, the different filters and he made the process seem uncomplicated.”

“We got the application through council and then it was just waiting for good weather. Once the day arrived, Freedom Pools told us we’d be swimming that afternoon.”

Kim says while it was a bit of an awkward site, the installation was handled well, and as promised in a single day.  “They arrived at 7am, and by 2.30 that afternoon we were filling the pool. The coping stones were laid the next day, but the whole operation was carried out smoothly and the area was left clean.

“From the time that we made the decision and signed the paperwork it was six weeks until the pool went in, and that’s including all the council approvals.” 

Pool a delight

Kim says they’re delighted with the pool, after having chosen the President model, Freedom Pool’s most popular option.

“We chose that because it suited the shape of our property, and it was the size and depth that we wanted.”

 A fibre glass pool was also a draw card says Kim. “We decided to go that way for the ease of it, and we preferred that look rather than the concrete. Fibre glass we thought was more user friendly as concrete is easier to scrape yourself on and there’s more finishing that needs to be done.

The pool has a seat that runs along one side as well as steps in each corner, making it easy to access.

There were a number of colour choices, which Kim says was a chance to customise the look.   “It’s a great colour, a blue that fits in with the rest of our house.”

The Scotts have also constructed a deck around the pool to integrate it with the house. Kim says the coping stones have given the pool a nice finish.

“You can’t tell that the pool is not concrete because of the coping stones. It’s a nice paving stone finish around the top edge, and then you can just place your decking up to that.”   

Ease of the magnesium filter

“We use a magnesium filter, and we’ve found that to be fantastic because it’s easy to use,” says Kim. “We don’t put chlorine into the pool; it’s all done through the filter. We just put the cleaner in every now and then, have the water tested and balance the pH, it’s really low maintenance.” 



Customer: Marc and Kate Ciochetto
Location: Dairy Flat
Pool Type: President

Pool with the right landscaping creates the perfect new look for a family home


Why Freedom Pools?

Marc says that he and his wife Kate had looked at pool options with a number of companies, but says they decided to go with Freedom Pools, in part because Glenn was a breeze to work with.
"He's also been really helpful since we've had the pool installed, and we're able to talk to him if we have any issues.
A fibre glass pool was also something they looked for. "We considered concrete, but the timeframe, and the cost, made us go in the direction of fibre glass."
'We should have done it five years ago'
Marc says that the addition of a pool has really improved the feel of their home. 
"It's something that we've wanted to do for a while, we've got teenagers, but it's just now that we've been able to do it. We should have done it five years ago!" 
There were no constraints with space, and Marc says there were plenty of models to choose from. They decided on a larger pool, which Marc believes was the right balance between size and overall cost. "The size suited our budget, and it was what we wanted."  

Landscaping tied it all together

Marc says that following the pool installation he began the landscaping process soon after. The landscaping included a Gryselinia hedge around the outside and microcarpa posts and pool fencing.

"We had microcarpa 6x6 slabs put in at 2.5 metre intervals all around the pool, with the pool fencing in between that. On the outside we have a rock wall and then a garden on the outside of that. It looks fantastic.

 "We also have an outside fireplace and it ties in quite nicely. The colour we got for the pool ties in well too – it’s a Mediterranean blue.”
 The total process was finished within a month says Marc. "It looks great and with landscaping as well it gives the house a real lift."


Customer: Mark Gribble
Location: Albany
Pool Type: President

Freedom Pools – An Honest Family Feel

What gave Freedom Pools the edge?

As an architect, Mark Gribble already had a pretty good idea of what he wanted when he and his wife decided to put a pool in their backyard. But that didn’t stop him being bewildered by the range of options on offer when it came to choosing a pool.

“When you start looking around there are so many options of what pool you can get,” Mark says, “there were too many options.”

Mark had a friend who put in a Freedom pool and so he decided to give them a go. As soon as he visited the business, he noticed a difference. What gave Freedom Pools the edge over the competition, Mark says “Was the honesty of the company.”

An honest family feel

Unlike other businesses he had visited, Mark says, Freedom Pools was honest, upfront and relaxed in its dealings. “We went up to Freedom and they were good in that they chatted and answered questions rather than trying to sell us things,” Mark says.

According to Mark, “there was a family feel to the company and dealing with Glenn was really easy. We felt Glenn understood what we needed and was sure together they could create a dream pool for me, my wife and our two kids.

Cost was important too. “Price matching was something I liked as well,” says Mark. He knew that by going to Freedom Pools that he was getting the best deal in town for his family’s backyard pool.

Installation was a breeze

Installing Mark’s pool was simple with Freedom Pools – the entire installation was done in a day! Mark really appreciated how he was able to work with Freedom Pools to create his ideal pool. “I was able to speak freely about what I wanted,” he says, “so we were able to get things done without wasting time.”

Mark’s architectural experience meant he didn’t need to take advantage of Freedom Pools landscaping and knowledge of the permit process. He really liked being able to match his skills with theirs – installing heat pumps himself – so the installation was a very easy collaboration.

But the ease of installation didn’t mean Mark had to skimp on quality or details. “Another drawcard was the colour, we were able to choose a new colour from their range,” he says.

The final product is far beyond what Mark imagined. “It’s a big drawcard for all the kids,”

Mark says, “it’s the family area we always dreamed about.”





Customer: Glen Heath
Location: Albany
Pool Type: Platinum 10

Impressive customer service stand out factor for pool customer

“There were a few options from Freedom Pools that would have worked for our section. I’ve always liked the regular, rectangular pools, and I wanted it to be long enough to do a length in it, and I wanted it to be a reasonable depth. The pool we chose fitted in very well with the house.”

Glen says the installation process went very smoothly. “The pool looks great, and it’s exactly how we wanted it to look in terms of our overall landscaping.”

They chose a salt water pool. Glen says that after swimming in salt pools they preferred the salinated option over the traditional chlorinated pools. “The water feels nicer on your skin, it’s less harsh on your skin and your eyes so much nicer to be in.”

Salt water pools are also easier to look after he believes. “Because it has a salt-cell that converts the salt into chlorine, all you have is a dial you can adjust after testing the chlorine levels in the pool. It’s really easy.”

Glen says that Freedom Pools have been especially great with the after care.
“Sometimes you can have a few teething problems in projects like this. We didn’t have anything going wrong and Freedom Pool’s after sales service has been brilliant.

“Out of all the contractors we’ve dealt with at our house for different things, they have been the most responsive. They’ve turned up, done what needed to be done.”

Glen says he was impressed with Freedom Pool’s attitude to aftercare, saying that they take responsibility and sort out any issues, whereas other contractors might try to pass the buck. “They’re a real breath of fresh air in that regards, because not many companies perform that way.”

Glen says that they had an issue with the power supply to the pool. Ultimately there was no issue with Freedom Pool’s equipment, but the company was effective in calling in the other companies involved to have them check their equipment and resolve the problem. “They were very keen to make sure that we felt that the pool was doing what it ought.”

He says that he would recommend Freedom Pools ‘without hesitation’. “If you want someone who you can trust, you can absolutely trust these guys.”