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A pool is a long-term investment, so it pays to choose one that fits the character of your home and can withstand the challenges and pressures of the surrounding natural landscape.

Fibreglass pools are quick to install, maintenance-free and will withstand New Zealand’s temperamental weather conditions. Plus, they’re envionmentally friendly. Eco-Friendly fiberglass pools are cost effective and they are a lot kinder to the environment than their alternative counterparts. Because the fiberglass is molded and coated in a special gel, means that it is non-porous and requires less chemical maintenance

Eco-Friendly pools will also last you a lifetime, with no need for re-coating, re-plastering or anything like that. The fiberglass is designed to be strong and durable, meaning that it won't cost you further down the line.

The Ecopure system is an environmentally-friendly add-on, with revolutionary protection built into the pool’s gelcoat, and the ability to withstand harsh UV rays and chlorine damage.