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Freedoms Technology

Eco-friendly manufacturing

Reduce your family's carbon foot print with Freedom Pools                            


If you’re environmentally conscious you can now make eco decisions when choosing your swimming pool. With new eco friendly pool manufacturing technology the construction of pools has evolved. Freedom Pools have created New Zealand's first eco friendly fibreglass pool range with the application of this new technology to their manufacturing process, resulting in less waste and reduced carbon footprint.

This means we can enjoy the pleasures of a backyard pool knowing that we’ve made an environmentally conscious investment.

Freedom Pools have also developed Ecopure, an antimicrobial system that helps prevent algae growth. Ecopure can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria, meaning pool owners can limit the number of additional chemicals and additives needed to keep their pools clean and healthy. Ecopure is UV, chlorine and fade resistant giving longevity to the health of your pool.