Installation Process

When you’re planning your new dream pool, there are many things you need to consider; from choosing the right size pool through to selecting your design, colour and finish. But that’s only the beginning. This section will help give you a better idea of what’s involved in the process – and remember the Freedom Team is here to help every step of the way.

Take advantage of our free no obligation site inspection service or book an appointment to discuss a project with one of our friendly sales consultants.

After making the right choice to invest in a Freedom pool, we can start arranging specifications, and layout plans for the building permit. After council approves the proposed plans, we will arrange a date for your installation to begin.

And don’t forget you can visit our display centre to see a variety of our designs!

Installing your Pool

After council approves the proposed plans, we will arrange a date for your installation to begin. Here is a run down of how a standard 2 day pool install will go…


On the day of installation, the Freedom Pools foreman will start early with the excavation company to carefully dig for the pool.


An amount of scoria now goes in to form the base that the pool will sit on. The base gets a good screed to ensure it is flat and level.


Now the greatest spectacle of the whole install, lifting the pool in place. Whether by crane or by digger and gantry, the Freedom Pools team get it done.


Once in place, we ensure the heights and distances followed by unleashing the hydrant hose. If we don’t have access to hydrants we can arrange water by tanker truck.


While the pool fills with water, the team will begin back filling with scoria that’s mixed with cement and start the pipe work.


Now the freedom pools team will begin to establish and test the system to ensure the filtration is working correctly.


Your sales consultant will arrange a time with you to handover the pool with full instructions on how everything works.


It is time for the landscapers to start their work and finish the transformation of your back yard.


Job done! Knowing that you chose a pool from a certified eco-friendly manufacturer, you will have enjoyment with friends and family for years to come.

How to get started…

Not everything in life is free… but here at Freedom Pools we offer a free no obligation Site Assessment. Contact us and have one of the Freedom Team members visit your site.

Once you’re in the market for a pool, there are many things that you’ll need to consider and decide on. Making an enquiry with your local Freedom Pool Consultant would make for a great first step to planning the project. A Freedom Pools consultant can offer you great advice for making your dream pool a reality.

When putting in a pool, you will need to consider the landscape surrounding the pool. The landscaping is important, a clever layout with thought put into planting, paving material, and flow from the house can have a significant impact on the value of a property. As an example, budgeting a bit more for decorative concrete can make all the difference.

Commissioning a landscape design by a specialist can be one of the best things you can do. This will assist in building the vision, giving you an idea of what the project will look like completed and provide a template for everybody to work towards. Most landscape designers can offer a total project management service.

Consulting with a landscaper tradesmen at home can be a great idea too, the landscaper may be able to provide landscape design services also, talk to a Freedom Pools Consultant for referrals to our preferred landscapers.

Many New Zealander’s have the kiwi can do attitude. Researching from home improvement magazines and the Internet can help immensely with building your vision. Whatever way you decide to do it, the team at Freedom is there to assist.

Freedom offer a no obligation free site assessment. This gives you a great opportunity to talk to a professional who really knows pools. To take advantage of this great offer, request a site assessment from your nearest dealer by clicking the link below.