At Freedom we haven’t just been designing and manufacturing pools and spas since 1974, we’ve also been leading the way in new technology, thanks to our huge investment in research and development. It was Freedom that introduced MarbleTech™, the interior that revolutionised the pool and spa industry.

Another world first includes the revolutionary EcoPure™ antimicrobial system that provides protection for the lifespan of your pool. Freedom is committed to manufacturing the best pool possible with the least impact on the environment.

When purchasing a Freedom pool, you not only invest in enhancing your family’s lifestyle by sophisticated design and luxurious MarbleTech™ interior, you also invest in technology that will serve you for a life time – not to mention the investment made to help reduce impact on the environment for future generations. As a pool is a once in a life time purchase, do it once and do it right with a Freedom Pool

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

If you’re environmentally conscious you can now make eco decisions when choosing your swimming pool or spa. With our new eco-friendly pool manufacturing technology, the construction of pools has evolved. We conform to strict criteria in order to maintain our certified Eco-Friendly status presented by CSI.

Freedom Pools has created Australia’s first eco-friendly fibreglass pool range, with the application of this new technology to the manufacturing process, resulting in less waste and a reduced carbon footprint. This means you can enjoy the pleasures of a backyard swimming pool or spa knowing that you’ve made an environmentally conscious investment.

At Freedom we care for the environment and for us, what once was a toxic yet money saving process is now much environmentally friendlier one. Freedom is a Family business and this demonstrates our commitment to the environment and how much we care about what is left for our future generations.

If you want to enjoy family entertainment without guilt for the environment, then Freedom manufactures the pool for you. Our future generations deserve it.

CSI Certification

Freedom have been in compliance with AS/NZS Australian Standards 1838 for over 35 years. It was only years ago, when this standard was not mandatory in Australia and Freedom was the only manufacturer who possessed the technology to comply and exceed these standards.

It is facts like this that confirm our status as the leader in pool manufacturing technology. This accreditation means that your freedom pool complies to and may exceed the product standards.

Freedoms investment in conforming to this standard means, the processes which are applied to create and control the manufacture of our pools, utilises a systematic approach. This creates greater focus for productivity and efficiency.

Unlike other manufacturers, we care a lot about our staff too. Implementing this standard demonstrates our commitment to maintaining an effective and safe working environment for our expert craftsmen and administrators alike. This ensures that they feel safe in their work place and that morale is at its highest so they can perform to Freedoms unparalleled standards with manufacturing your new Freedom Pool.

MarbleTech™ Interiors

MarbleTech™ is the most fade resistant Gelcoat surface on the market.

Our exclusive MarbleTech™ interior has revolutionised the fibreglass industry. MarbleTech™ is an innovative marine gelcoat finish developed by Freedom Pools. MarbleTech’s™ ingenious design includes pigment and pearlescent gelcoats that look like marble and are completely unique to any other finish available. The pigment provides the appealing colour while the pearlescent reflects sun light through the water creating stunning cosmetic effects.

It’s an interior that is hugely desired and in high demand. MarbleTech™ is a luxury that you deserve. MarbleTechTM finishes are available in a wide range of beautiful colours and effects so you can have the sparkling pool that you’ve always wanted. MarbleTechTM not only has a luxurious appearance but is also fade resistant, giving you the peace of mind that your swimming pool will continue to look great for years to come.

MarbleTech™ has been designed to be robust enough to withstand the environmental conditions of New Zealand and Australia.

EcoPure™ Gelcoat

Who doesn’t want a swimming pool or spa with safer, cleaner
water – and use fewer chemicals to achieve it?

Who doesn’t want a swimming pool or spa with safer, cleaner water – and use fewer chemicals to achieve it? That was the motivation at Freedom Pools when we developed Eco-pure – a revolutionary microbial inhibitor now included in the gelcoat finish of every Freedom fibreglass pool. This clever, highly effective ingredient helps prevent algae growth on the surface of your swimming pool and can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria*.

That means you’ll spend less time fiddling around with the chemicals in your pool and less money on buying chemicals. With fewer chemicals, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re swimming in a pool that’s more natural and eco-friendly. Not only that, but Eco-pure is UV, chlorine and fade resistant, and provides protection for the life of your pool.

Eco-pure is part of Freedom Pools’ commitment to being an eco-friendly manufacturer. We use the latest construction methods and LSE gelcoats that ensure maximum strength and quality. Our process results in minimal waste and landfill while reducing carbon emissions and minimising other impacts on the environment.

It’s just part of the added value you receive when you choose your fibreglass pool or spa from Freedom Pools. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

*In conjunction with normal sanitisation.