Top 10 Fibreglass Pool Facts

Thinking of installing a new pool in time for next summer? It’s important to do some research and make sure you build with the materials that’ll give you a beautiful, strong pool with a long lifespan. Below we share our top 10 facts about fibreglass swimming pools to help you make up your mind.

1. Quick Installation

Nobody likes waiting, so at the top of our list is the incredibly quick installation period. Concrete pools can take from weeks to months to complete, but because fibreglass pools are pre-moulded, they can be lifted into place, and the pipework can begin straight away. Two days later you’re ready to jump in—much better than looking at a half torn up backyard for months, waiting for concrete to be poured.

Vinyl and concrete pools are built from scratch in your outdoor area, and their construction time is subject to the weather, meaning if it rains, your pool project will be delayed until the bad weather has passed. Fibreglass pools however are fabricated before being brought on-site in a clean and factory-controlled environment. The single piece of fibreglass shell is then transported to your home, placed carefully in the ground, and levelled for backfill. This means there are far less variables involved in the construction, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pool much faster.

2. Flexible Installation

Installing a fibreglass pool is a flexible operation, as the shells are created off-site, meaning the process is usually unaffected by factors such as rain and wind that would stop construction on concrete and vinyl-liners. No easy access to where you want your pool? No worries! The pre-constructed fibreglass shells can be delivered to your home and lifted into place by a crane.

3. Eco-Pure Gelcoat Improves Cleanliness

Our Eco-Pure Gelcoat is a revolutionary microbial inhibitor is included in the finish of all our fibreglass pools. This is highly effective in keeping the water clean and safe, preventing algae growth, and reducing up to 99% of the common bacteria found in your pool. This means you save money by spending less on expensive chemicals, and you can feel at ease knowing that you’re swimming in an eco-friendly pool, with clean and safe water.

The Gelcoat advantages don’t stop there; Eco-Pure will keep your pool looking stunning, as it’s UV, chlorine, and fade resistant, all while protecting the pool and making its lifespan long as possible.

4. MarbleTech Creates Beautiful Interiors

Like the Eco-Pure Gelcoat, MarbleTech interiors provide your pool protection against the unpredictable weather conditions in New Zealand and Australia, while also making your pool look beautiful. MarbleTech interiors come in a range of colours including granite, midnight sparkle, sapphire, and more. The design uses pigment and pearlescent gelcoats to create amazing colours and visually stunning reflections when reflecting light through the water— MarbleTech interiors can transform your fibreglass swimming pool from an ordinary pool, to a stunning feature in your backyard.

5. Fibreglass is Low Maintenance

Because of the protective gelcoats, dirt doesn’t stick to the sides, and algae won’t grow. This means fewer chemicals are required and cleaning becomes a much quicker task, leaving your pool looking clean and beautiful with minimal effort. The lifespan of fibreglass pools is enormous too! Unlike concrete and vinyl-liner pools, a fibreglass pool shouldn’t need resurfacing or repainting in its lifetime.

6. It Retains Heat

Fibreglass is an excellent material to use in pools due to its ability to retain heat. Fibreglass is an insulating material, which means it can make the water up to 8℃ warmer than traditional concrete or vinyl-liner pools. This can save money on heating, or if you choose not to have a heated pool, it’ll remain warmer than your average unheated pool.

7. Environmental Friendly

By applying new technology, we’ve developed a manufacturing process that minimises wasted materials and reduces the carbon footprint of your pool. As our world becomes more conscious of the impact we have on our planet, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your decision to install a fibreglass pool was an environmentally-savvy one.

8. Options

Fibreglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect pool to suit your home and backyard space. For example, we offer four pool collections: Entertainer, Lifestyle, Platinum and Presidential. Each collection features a range of fibreglass shells, each with its own unique design.

9. Smooth Surfaces

Nothing’s worse than diving into your pool and scraping yourself on the rough concrete below. The interior of fibreglass pools is smooth and soft, meaning if you do you glide against it, it’s friendly on your skin and won’t result in a graze like concrete does. Areas like stairs have grips on them to make the surface less slippery in the places you need steady footing.

10. It’s Cost-Effective

The top quality of fibreglass pools is the price. Installing any pool is relatively expensive, but for the many reasons mentioned in this list (extra costs regarding maintenance, chemicals, and heat retention), fibreglass pools are extremely cost-effective. You’ll end up paying $1000 – $2000 less on maintenance per year with a fibreglass shell, whereas maintenance costs on vinyl-lined and concrete pools can pile up quickly.

Make Your Pool Dreams A Reality

Are all these fibreglass facts making a new pool sound irresistible? We have 45 years’ worth of experience in the industry, ensuring that you get the best possible pool for your property’s landscape and architectural layout. Talk to us today to get a free quote on your pool installation and start bringing your pool dreams to life.